Written work


Rachel developed the confidence to write at length.


“My jaw started hurting from smiling so much today and when I was in the middle of recording I started laughing so much I started to cry. When we listened to the recording I did on our first session I can see how much of a difference there is and I think that my confidence has changed a lot.”
G, Learner, Reading YOS

Speaking - Dorwick

Young Person

“My family is proud of me because I can now read and write better and for coming to all the sessions.”

Nadia - Trainer
Birmingham YOT - South

“RW didn't want to leave as he was engrossed in the diagnostic process.”


I conducted a home visit to Lola's address last night.  Her family (unlike other times) were very welcoming of me.  Lola spoke that evening of how much she enjoys Rapid English and that she can' t believe how much it is helping her.  Lola is very vocal and would be honest if she did not like it.  I discussed with Lola the high quality work she did with [her trainers] last week and (with her permission) discussed with her family the nice things she had written about them.  Her mum was really pleased and since this provision, is a lot more engaged with me and YOT in general.  I have really struggled to engage her and due to this provision I feel we are really making some headway with her.

Probation Worker - Birmingham