Project Outline
The Communication Course is delivered as a partnership between Rapid English and front-line services:

What we bring:

Rapid English will equip your selected staff with the software, training and paper based materials they need to start working with their clients.

What you bring:

- Equipment
- Staff
- Access to people in need
- Screening & referral process 

Working out your project model:

The project is made up of four parts; Licence, Training, Materials & Project Support. Once we have established the scale of your licence, we can build in the appropriate amount of training, materials and support in order to make the project a success.

Project Licence

The licence covers the use of specialist software and on-going support. 

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Staff Training

Rapid English certifies all practitioners.
In-house teaching is also available.

Paper Materials

Paper materials support the intervention process, and to facilitate outreach work.

Project Support

Services running large projects benefit from on-going logistical support from Rapid English.

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