The problem:

Most people who fall behind with literacy never catch up. Confusion, brought on either by lack of schooling or learning difficulties, prevents learners from making any further progress. Some may even regress as they become increasingly disengaged and demotivated.

Teaching what matters:

When you only have 5 hours with someone, you have to teach what counts.

Surprisingly, 80% of communication in English is achieved using just 20% of the language. For example, 200 words make up about a third of the vocabulary most people use every day.

Rapid English targets this core language. It is the use of this technique which quickly gives learners the ability to communicate clearly, simply and confidently within a very quick timeframe.

Using a different approach:

If education did not work for people in school, more of the same will not work outside of school.

By giving learners the chance to master the language they really need, they can re-engage with the learning process, boosting their personal confidence and independence.

Case Study

CM (Age 16)
Reading Youth Offending Service
C had been excluded from school for a long time when he first came to do Rapid English. He needed help with his communication skills to boost his confidence before he was in a position to even consider re-integrating into school. He completed 6 sessions of Rapid English where he improved his handwriting, his sentence writing and his reading skills dramatically. His confidence grew as his ability to communicate improved which made it both possible and actually quite easy to re-introduce him into mainstream education.