Learning difficulties


Rapid English works by carefully controlling the introduction of content.

When someone is quite far behind their peers, it is tempting to try to teach them more than they can manage. By controlling the flow of information, Rapid English ensures that lessons stick to content which will have the highest impact on the ability and confidence of learners.


The Course is broken down into lots of small, accessible sessions. The idea behind this is to allow students to move around the course until they settle onto the tasks they wish to pursue.


The program treats all people as thinking people who are capable of learning. The course is completely learner driven, and they choose how they want to proceed within the program.

The course is non-confrontational, and it gives learners some extremely quick wins. This removes many of the underlying reasons for poor behaviour.

Case Study

R (15 years)
R was from a traveller background and was NEET. She was reluctant to go back to school despite being relatively capable. She attended 9 sessions of Rapid English to help her back into formal education after almost a year out of school.
Her improvement was staggering. Initially she was unable to write more than a few incomplete sentences let alone consider returning to a school environment. 
Towards the end of her short order the Wokingham Education Worker found her a place at a local secondary school and the last record we have of her (April 2012) states she has been there ever since.