Rapid English allows services in the justice system to support offenders whose problems stem from poor communication.

Rapid English intervention is often the critical point during any order where trust is established and initial resistance is overcome.

Offenders feel that something constructive is being done in their interest, with the express purpose of giving them long-term independence following their orders.
A two-step process:
1. Identify literacy gaps
2. Address gaps in order of priority

Course content:
 - Diagnostic & tracking
 - Handwriting
 - Reading development
 - Speaking & listening support
 - Sentences & paragraphs

Case Study

MC came to Cookham Wood YOI in July 13 and was pre-entry level for his literacy.
Overall he has progressed rapidly. He has now passed his Entry- Level 1 & Entry-Level 2 Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. He has also passed his Entry- Level 3 Speaking and Listening and Reading and he is now focusing on his writing.
During a recent lesson, he had just written a piece of text containing over 50 words but was suddenly frustrated because he felt he had not progressed enough. The Trainer was able to show him his original piece of writing and he was shocked at the comparison and the progress that he had made. He very clearly stated "Don't ever show anybody that will you Miss? It is just between us!"