We support mainstream intervention, special needs (SEN), inclusion units (PRUs), special schools and behavioural schools (EBD).

The Rapid English project helps schools to support students who struggle to keep up with mainstream education, and who might be falling behind.

The course helps schools to maximise the effectiveness of SEN staff and Teaching Assistants, helping them to move students back into mainstream education within a few hours. 
A two-step process:
1. Identify literacy gaps
2. Address gaps in order of priority

Course content:
 - Diagnostic & tracking
 - Handwriting
 - Reading development
 - Speaking & listening support
 - Sentences & paragraphs
“I have had great success from using the programme. During our Ofsted inspection, I was observed by the inspector who spoke to me after the session and praised me for the delivery of the session and said I was the most accomplished unqualified teacher he had observed.”
Support Worker

Dyslexia & ADHD?

The course is ideal for learners with dyslexia and ADHD.

Case Study

CM (Age 16) - Reading
C had been excluded from school for a long time when he first came to do Rapid English. He needed help with his communication skills to boost his confidence before he was in a position to even consider re-integrating into school. He completed 6 sessions of Rapid English where he improved his handwriting, his sentence writing and his reading skills dramatically. His confidence grew as his ability to communicate improved which made it both possible and actually quite easy to re-introduce him into mainstream education.