Community & Charity

The great work being done by community projects is often restricted by low literacy.

Rapid English is in a position to support a wide range of community projects who seek to engage vulnerable adults and adolescents.

We support projects associated with the following sectors:

    - Troubled Families
    - Gypsy Traveller Community
    - Community & Outreach
    - Youth Hubs
    - Housing Associations
    - Employability & skills
    - NHS & Mental Health support
A two-step process:
1. Identify literacy gaps
2. Address gaps in order of priority

Course content:
 - Diagnostic & tracking
 - Handwriting
 - Reading development
 - Speaking & listening support
 - Sentences & paragraphs

Case Study

"MC was from a traveller background and had received no formal education. His attitude towards education had been extremely negative and he would not comply, often being abusive or aggressive. He has now passed his entry levels 1, 2 and 3 and now he is focussing on writing. During a recent lesson, he wrote a text containing over 50 words but was suddenly frustrated because he felt he had not progressed enough. The trainer was able to show him the progress he made since his first attempts. He was shocked."