The Communication Course

With Rapid English, a staff member and a laptop can change the course of a young person’s life.

The Communication Course addresses areas of communication that are likely to impact on personal confidence, exam success, interview readiness and expectations from the workplace. Solutions cover the following: 

• Diagnostics – screening reading, writing, speaking & listening skills 
• Handwriting – including issues such as grip and writing speed 
• Reading development - including word recognition and phonics 
• Speaking and listening – great for exams and interview preparation 
• Sentences and paragraphs - vital for exam confidence and CV Building 

The course is ideal for learners with dyslexia and ADHD. It has been used successfully with extremely reluctant and disengaged learners. The system was developed in partnership with Reading YOS and Wokingham YOS, so this is where most of our evidence has been collected. 

Supporting files:

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Benefits for the service:

- Improve attainment
- Provision for all ages
- Non-patronising support
- Empower support staff
- Evidence for Ofsted
- Results in 7-10 hours

Benefits for the learner:

- Transform engagement
- Boosts interest & confidence
- Open up new destinations
- Self-esteem and independence
- Reduce re-offending
“The Rapid English Programme was providing excellent provision for young people facing severe literacy barriers.”

Ofsted / HMIP Report

Reading YOS

"Evaluation confirmed that this programme was effective in making a significant difference to the skills, motivation and self-esteem of participants."

Ofsted / HMIP Report

Wokingham YOS

Case Study

"MC was from a traveller background and had received no formal education. His attitude towards education had been extremely negative and he would not comply, often being abusive or aggressive.

He has now passed his entry levels 1, 2 and 3 and now he is focussing on writing. During a recent lesson, he wrote a text containing over 50 words but was suddenly frustrated because he felt he had not progressed enough. The trainer was able to show him the progress he made since his first attempts. He was shocked."

Christine Murrels

Cookham Wood YOI