How do I transfer a student from one location/machine to another?
by Rapid English on August 6th, 2015

Moving leaner information around depends slightly on your chosen installation model. Take the time to read the Rapid English installation guide. It outlines 3 different deployment models. 

Networked set up
Archive function - If you are using networked options 2 or 3, click ‘archive’ next to the learner you wish to share. This uploads the learner’s information to a shared network location. To access shared learners, click in the “Archived Students” button above of your list of students. Click ‘retrieve’ to download this learner to your local machine. 

For every learner who is set up on your computer, a folder is created on the C: drive.
E.g. C:/Rapid English Communication Course/Rapid English Students/Students/Joe Bloggs
This folder can be copied out of this computer’s folder and pasted into the equivalent folder of another machine where Rapid English has been installed. This learner will appear in the list of students on the new computer when it is next opened.

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