About Us

The Rapid English vision

Nobody, no matter what their status in society, should have to experience life without basic literacy skills.

Many of us take the ability to convey and receive information for granted, but life without this simple skill is extremely challenging. People who lack this basic ability find it almost impossible to engage positively in many aspects of society. Asking someone to engage with education, training or employment without addressing this issue is simply setting them up to fail. 

Our aim is to facilitate and build on the great work front-line services are already doing. Our vision is to ensure that literacy and communication barriers no longer prevent anyone from developing self-worth and independence, no matter what life may have been like before.

About us:

Rapid English started out teaching English to industry - making foreign business people operational in English in less than 40 hours. This same principle has been applied to native speakers who have fallen behind with basic literacy - with fantastic results!

We have a core team made up of experienced professionals from education,  academia, IT and industry. We offer a number of services all with the common goal of bringing simple, clear and confident communication to all who need it.

The System

Rapid English teaching systems are designed to make learners operational in all aspects of the language.

Our research extends into the application of sound (speaking & listening) as well as the more traditional, visual skills (reading and writing).