The Communicate Project:‚Äč
The Rapid English project is now delivered as the Communicate project. We feel that the new name is a better reflection of the project's ultimate purpose of giving people the ability to communicate independently with the world around them.

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What is Fluence?
We created Fluence to explore the potential of the core academic principles that underpin our literacy-intervention work. We aim to use this research to improve people's lives in new and exciting ways.

The Rapid English vision:

Rapid English brings literacy to hard-to-reach places. Our work gives people the language skills they need in order to narrow the gap between long-term social exclusion and positive social engagement. 

This targeted literacy-intervention project for adults and young people makes it possible for front-line services to transform people's perceptions about education in a matter of hours. The Rapid English project now plays a critical role in over 60 services in the UK ranging from education through to the criminal justice system.